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Imagine that you are having a business trip or traveling to another country. You are in the hotel room, and you start to worry that if your family is safe at home. You may want to call them, but you can not see them. If there is an IP camera installed in your house, you can then check if your kids are working on their homework or see and hear them playing around. You are not lonely anymore in the hotel room. SingCam's plug n view IP cameras could be used in multiple purposes and applications. Because of the easy installation and easy usage, you can install the IP cameras in the living room, garage, attic, window or lobby. You do not need to apply for a special Internet service like fixed IP address. Just use your current home network is enough. If your home network supports WiFi connection, you can make the installation more free, it's much easier then to install it on the ceiling wirelessly.


Install the IP camera is just a plug and View action.

After the IP camera is installed and connected to the Internet, you can then see the video of the IP camera either locally in your house or remotely when you are in the coffee shop, air port, office or hotel room. You do not need to care about the IP address of the IP camera, all you need to remember is an ID number/password pair. You can see the video anywhere with this unique ID number for each IP camera. With this ease of usage, the applications of the SingCam IP camera are very flexible and versatile.

The followings are some of the list of possible applications:

•Home security - make sure your house is not invaded.
•Home care - watch your kids or old parents to see if they are safe.
•Home entertainment - watch you dogs or cats playing around when you are outside.
•Factory security - make sure your factory is not invaded or check if it's running safely.
•Company monitoring - check if your company is in good operation.
•Video meeting - discuss with remote parties and see some video demo.
•Building security - surveillance of the building

Seeing you're belonging from anywhere easily.


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